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Should You Buy A Car While You're Learning To Drive?

When you start learning to drive, you’re probably going to be met with a lot of mixed advice. On the one hand, you’ll have people telling you to practice as much as you can outside of your paid lessons, and on the other, some will tell you it doesn’t make much of a difference. The best method for you will depend on how you learn but either option brings up one key question – should you buy your own car before you pass your test? Whether you’re considering Nissan used cars, or you’re still in the midst of looking for your dream first car, we’re taking a look at whether you should even buy one while learning to drive.

Can I Buy A Car If I’m A Learner?

Can I buy a car now

While this can seem like a silly question, it’s actually rather common. When you have a provisional licence, things aren’t always as black and white as when you pass but to answer the question, you can buy a car while you’re a learner. It’ll work in exactly the same way as buying a car after passing, with the only difference being that you won’t be able to take it for a test drive. If you have someone with you that does have a full licence, they will be able to test it for you, giving you the opportunity to see what it’s like inside, how it drives, and if there are any unusual noises, warning lights or red flags you need to see to.

You also can’t drive the car on your own after buying until you pass your test, so you’ll need someone with a full licence to drive the car home either on your behalf, or to be with you in the car when you drive back.

What Are The Benefits?

Buying a car before you pass certainly has it’s benefits, from motivating you to learn to drive, to spending less on lessons overall. Four of the top benefits include:

What Car Should I Buy?

If you’re going to buy a car before you pass, you can go one of three routes for picking the ideal model:

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