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Test Type: Mock Car Theory Test
Number of Questions: 50
Pass Mark: 43
Try our 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 43 or more and the time allowed to complete the test is 57 minutes.
Good Luck

1) You are overtaking a motorcyclist in strong winds.
What should you do?

2) You are approaching a roundabout. There are horses just ahead of you. What should you do?

3) Who is legally responsible for ensuring that a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) is updated?

4) What does this sign mean?

5) There has been a collision. A driver is suffering from shock.
What TWO of these should you do?

2 answers required

6) What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?

7) What should you use your horn for?

8) It is essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly.
When should this be done?

9) You are following two cyclists. They approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane.
In which direction should you expect the cyclists to go?

10) You have stopped at the scene of an incident where there are casualties. What should you do to help while waiting for the emergency services to arrive?

11) You are approaching a busy junction. There are several lanes with road markings. At the last moment you realise that you are in the wrong lane.
You should

12) You must notify the licensing authority when
3 answers required

13) You are driving along a wet road. How can you tell if your vehicle's tyres are losing their grip on the surface?

14) What does this sign mean?

15) You are travelling in very heavy rain.
Your overall stopping distance is likely to be

16) You are dazzled at night by a vehicle behind you.
You should

17) You are following a vehicle on a wet road.
You should leave a time gap of at least

18) You suspect that an injured person may be suffering from shock.
What are the warning signs to look for?

19) What does this sign mean?

20) You are driving down a long steep hill. You suddenly notice your brakes are not working as well as normal.
What is the usual cause of this?

21) You are on a motorway at night. You MUST have your headlights switched on unless

22) You are driving on a motorway. The traffic ahead is braking sharply because of an incident.
How could you warn traffic behind you?

23) Why have 'red routes' been introduced in major cities?

24) How can you use the engine of your vehicle to control your speed?

25) What restrictions apply on a Motorway to new drivers holding a provisional driving licence?

26) Powered vehicles used by disabled people are small and hard to see.
How do they give early warning when on a dual carriageway?

27) You must have valid insurance before you can

28) At an incident a casualty is unconscious but still breathing.
You should only move them if

29) A trailer must stay securely hitched up to the towing vehicle.
What additional safety device can be fitted to the trailer braking system?

30) You keep well back while waiting to overtake a large vehicle. A car fills the gap.
You should

31) Which vehicle is most likely to take an unusual course at a roundabout?

32) You find that you need glasses to read vehicle number plates at the required distance. When must you wear them?

33) When emerging from junctions, which is most likely to obstruct your view?

34) You are towing a trailer on a motorway. What is your maximum speed limit?

35) You are planning to tow a caravan.
Which of these will mostly help to aid the vehicle handling?

36) You have been driving in thick fog which has now cleared.
You must switch OFF your rear fog lights because

37) You are driving down a steep hill. Why could keeping the clutch down or rolling in neutral for too long be dangerous?

38) Which THREE of these do you need before you can use a vehicle on the road legally?
3 answers required

39) By how much can stopping distances increase in icy conditions?

40) You arrive at an incident where someone is suffering from severe burns.
You should

41) When should you use hazard warning lights?

42) When driving in fog, which THREE of these are correct?
3 answers required

43) Are passengers allowed to ride in a caravan that is being towed?

44) Which vehicles are prohibited from using the motorway?

45) What does this sign mean?

46) You are on a dual carriageway. Ahead you see a vehicle with an amber flashing light.
What could this be?

47) You have just passed your test.
How can you reduce your risk of being involved in a collision?

48) What does this sign mean?

49) You are driving in heavy traffic on a wet road. Spray makes it difficult to be seen.
You should use your

2 answers required

50) Which vehicle will use a blue flashing beacon?

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