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Driving Lessons Video Tutorials

In this section we present a selection of driving lesson tutorial videos which we feel could be of great use to the beginner driver and also help you understand your driving lessons. These driving video tutorials will help you to get a better idea of what you need to know when you're starting out learning to drive.

There is no substitute for the real thing.
So get plenty of practice from a Approved Driving Instructor


Video News Information

How to apply for your Provisional Driving Licence ONLINE - what you need to know
History of the Driving Test Includes Videos of Driving Tests taken in the 1930s and 1959
New rules for riding a motorcycle or moped from 19 January 2013
Speed Camera Information How to keep your Licence.
Should We Use Winter Tyres
Renew your driving Licence ONLINE when 70 or Over - what you need to know


Finding a Good Driving Instructor

Tips for finding a Good Driving Instructor


Theory and Hazard Test Information

Information about the Hazard Test
At the Theory Test Centre
What to expect on your ADI Theory Test


Practical Test Information

Driving tests in bad weather - what you need to do
What to expect on the practical Car Driving Test
What to expect on the CBT Motorcycle Training
What to expect on the practical Motorcycle Test
What to expect on the practical LGV Test


Show Me/Tell Me

Show Me/Tell Me - Under the bonnet
Show Me/Tell Me - Outside the Car
Show Me/Tell Me - Inside the Car


Basic Skills

Gear changing
Steering - Push and Pull method
Moving off and Stopping
How to do an Angle Start
How to do a Downhill Start
Turning Right
How to do the Emergency Stop
How to Park - Uphill
How to Park - Downhill



Reverse Round a LEFT Corner
Reverse Round a RIGHT Corner
Parallel Parking - Reverse Parking
Bay Parking into a bay on your LEFT
Bay Parking into a bay on your RIGHT


Turn in the Road (3 point turn)
Turn in the Road (5 point turn)

Road and Traffic Skills

How to overtake Cyclists Safely
Dealing with blue lights and sirens of an emergency vehicle
Dealing with Anti-speed humps
Dealing with Traffic calming measures
Dealing with Single Track Roads
Dealing with School Crossing Patrols
Dealing with a Busy Road
Driving in a Queue of Traffic
Dealing with Other Road Users
Meeting with Other Road Users
Overtaking on a single carriageway
Driving on a Muti-lane Road
How to check your separation distance
Dealing with Bus Lanes


Dealing with Traffic Lights

How to deal with right turns at traffic lights
How to position turning right at traffic lights
Green filter arrows at traffic lights
Cyclist at traffic lights


Dealing with Dual-Carriageways

How to deal with a right turn onto a Dual Carriageway
Joining a dual carriageway
Dealing with narrow flyovers
Overtaking on a dual carriageway


Dealing with Roundabouts

Roundabout Lanes and Road Markings
Roundabouts and Crossings
Roundabouts - When is it safe to Go?
Dealing with Double Roundabouts
Dealing with Mini Roundabouts
Turning right and then straight ahead at a Large Double Roundabout
Turning right at a Large Double Roundabout


Dealing with Motorways

Lane discipline on Motorways
Stay Safe Keep Moving - Red X with Flashing Red Lights
How to deal with "Smart" Motorways
When to Use the Motorway Hard Shoulder
Only a fool Breaks the Two second Rule


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